Ponds are beautiful features in any backyard space, but having them in just the right spot is key. First you want to have the ability to see it and it’d be nice if you may also enjoy it from in the home also. Second you would like it to be in an area with close proximity to a grounded exterior outlet so that you can easily plug in the pump. Third you want to steer clear of areas with major root systems which you won’t have the ability to dig . You do not need to be digging and experience a sewer or gas break that could lead to a need for rodent control!

Orange and White Fish on Body of Water during Daytime



When you have your ideal area, you can map out your pond whatever size and shape you’d like with rope. If you do not like it, then you can move the rope round until everyone is happy. Experts recommend that you have a pond ‘4 x 4’ to keep the water clean and in addition, they state that you should dig a slope so that if your water freezes, it is going to push up rather than contrary to the liner that may harm it.

Now it’s time to dig! First dig 3″ in a one foot wide ring. This will become your stone shelf border. Next create a plant terrace, a foot wide shelf that’s 8″ deep within the rope outline. After this step you’ll be able to dig the rest of the pond, within the plant patio shelf. Experts say you should dig 18″ with a small slope, but if you are planning to maintain fish you may wish to go even deeper than that.

Next step is to level the edges and then it will be time for you to pay the entire bottom with 1″ layer of sand and so you add a layer of newspaper. If there are stones or roots that are making the paper bulge this is the time to remove them.

Don’t forget to keep smoothing it out as you go and once you start to fill the pond keep gently tugging at it to keep a tight fit. Once your pond is filled and as soon as you’ve set up the pump, it is time to make it pretty. Viola, your own pond!