Cleaning a rug is hard because they collect lots of grime and dirt. The cleanup is more difficult because you can’t simply roll up the carpet and throw it in a washing machine. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you take care of your carpeting or its lifespan might decrease significantly. To help you with this, we’ve compiled some basic tips. Keep reading to know the hints that we have shared.


For instance, if it’s an area rug, then be sure you and your children remove their boots prior to stepping onto it. Other than this, food and beverages should also be stored away from the rug region if possible.

White and Tan English Bulldog Lying on Black RugUsually pets love to sleep on doormats, but make sure they do not. Instead, you should train your pets to make use of cats/dogs beds. Moreover, if your rug is expensive or decorative, it’s not a great idea to have it in a region where there’s a good deal of traffic. Ideally, you can put it in a door that people don’t use very frequently. Especially important to not use a “doggy door” where wildlife can get in or you may have to call Animal Control. Be sure you don’t put them in the primary hallway because this area gets a great deal of traffic.


For those who own a vacuum, be sure you clean your rugs and carpets with it on a normal basis. It’s a good idea to clean them every 7 days, but cleaning daily is better. Why is it significant to spray a daily basis? Well, carpets and rugs capture dust all the time and this makes them look untidy.

Special cleanings

It’s a great idea to take your carpeting outside and hit them with something solid to remove any dust and debris that even a highly effective vacuum cleaner can not pull out. If the carpet is old or delicate, don’t follow this trick or your carpeting may get damaged.

Spot Cleaning

As soon as your child spills or throws up in your carpet, blot the spot right away. Some people scrub the stains or pour water on them, which isn’t a good idea. All you have to do is blot it. They will not cost you a dime and your carpet will get rid of the spills straight away.

The Takeaway

So, all these are 4 tips which you may use so as to take care of your carpets and rugs. Replacing carpets isn’t easy since it will cost you lots of money. Most kinds of rugs are expensive. So, make sure that you wash them regularly so they last longer.